Pee World


Pee World

About Pee World

Pee World is like an amusement park. There is a place where everyone sits and does nothing, and there is a place to eat doo-doo =) So this is pretty much like Alex's house.


Party Poopers

Here at Pee World, we don't call customers "customers." They are called PARTY POOPERS---they are the way of Pee World's future.*

*To be as loserish as it can be


Or as other amusement parks would call them "concession stands". We have:


  • Doo Doo
  • Doo Doo on a stick
  • Rock Doo Doo
  • Mushy Doo Doo
  • Rocky Road Doo Doo
  • Cotton Doo Doo

  • Drinks
  • Dr. Pee-er
  • Toilets (or shows)

  • A Tale of Two Toilets 
    Two toilets have been seperated from their home. Hear their tales. And watch them too...I guess...

  • Monkeys and Crackers in my Soup
    See monkeys! And crackers! AND SOUP!

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    Yes! We have SPONGEBOB!

  • The Basketball Retrieval
    Watch Ricky get a ball from under the place we sit. (THE SEWER) YAY!
  • Sewers (or rides)

  • The Sewer Ride
    Are you ready to go into the sewer in this brownish-green ride? MWUHAHAHA.
  • Other Info

    Some Facts:
    Pee World is constantly running. But it's not constantly open. See, we saved up for a robot. This robot is cool. Her name is BG83h37382, but we call her George for short. She cleans the place, counts all the money up, and puts it in savings. Usually, we do all of that stuff, but if we are in a rush, we ask her to do it. Sometimes she can be a little crabby (like Noel), but we just shut her down for the night.

    Some people think that it is a lie for our admission fee. That's where you are wrong! Sometimes it's only a nickel. But sometimes we have special deals, or sometimes people are nice. Some days we have up to 13 cents!!!

    Toilet Paper

    Toilet paper = staff.

    President: Taylor (He's not one of the losers, but this was his name)*
    Owner: Ryan
    Co-Owner: Alex
    Co-co-owner: Noel
    Co-co-co-owner: Ricky

    He stated the name of Pee World, but he does not own it. We don't believe in "vice-presidents".

    © 2004-2008, Losers of America